News in 2021

  • Global Public Health – realising the potential of a global collaborative network 11 November 2021 The Global Public Health strand of the Elizabeth Blackwell Institute multidisciplinary research initiative was established specifically in response to the challenges of understanding and managing health problems in a globally connected world. The ease of cross-border and cross-continental movement of people and commodities means that infectious diseases can quickly establish themselves in regions far from their point of origin, with enormous effects on populations worldwide. Here we explain the potential for a global collaborative network.
  • Opening the door to arts-and-science collaborations 14 September 2021 Our Medical Humanities research strand developed arts and humanities research by opening the door to arts-and-science collaborations. As the work of this strand comes to a close we look at at how it created and supported new arts-science collaborations by connecting researchers from all faculties together with clinicians and external partners.
  • Bioethics, Biolaw and Biosociety - making an impact through interdisciplinary research 30 June 2021 The Biolaw, Bioethics and Biosociety strand - or B3 - dealt with the ethical, legal and social issues impacting the biological sciences, health, medicine and social care. Although there had already been collaborative research in these fields, this research strand was established to augment cross-collaborative initiatives that were, in some cases, already underway - as well as identifying and nurturing new research avenues. Professor Ailsa Cameron of the School for Policy Studies is one of the co-leads of the strand, along with Professor Richard Huxtable of the Bristol Medical School and Dr Sheelagh McGuinness of the University of Bristol Law School.
  • Health Data Science - an integrative research strand 30 March 2021 There is a recognised need throughout the University of Bristol - and beyond - to facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration in the health or biomedical arenas. To cater to this, the Elizabeth Blackwell Institute initiated a series of interdisciplinary research strands, designed to facilitate a range of health research activities throughout the University, with funding from the Wellcome Trust. Here we highlight impacts from our Health Data Science strand.
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