International Webinar Series

Our International Webinar Series has been designed as a platform to hear from the best international speakers that are aligned to our core areas of interest. These include biomolecular design and assembly in the cell, development and delivery of bioactive molecules, minimal biology towards cell-like systems, advanced computing and digital biology.

Upcoming webinars

30 November 2022  Prof Natalio Krasnogor (Newcastle University)                                     

Past webinars

Recordings of our previous events, including presentations and interviews, are available on YouTube via the links below. 

21 September 2022 Oliver Sexton (UK Innovation & Science Seed Fund, funded by BBSRC)​
Investing in translational science​ (PDF, 740kB)
28 July 2022 Scott A. Walper (Office of Naval Research Global)
Building partnerships and enabling discovery (PDF, 6,344kB)
15 June 2022 Dr Francesca Ceroni (Imperial College London) &
Dr Ciarán Kelly (Northumbria University)
Interviewed by Dr Thomas Gorochowski
18 May 2022 Dr Elizabeth Strychalski (National Institute of Standards and Technology)
Living measurement systems and minimal cells for engineering biology
9 March 2022 Dr Mo Khalil (Boston University)
Cellular innovation by rational design and evolution
9 February 2022 Prof Simone Schürle-Finke (ETH Zurich)
Engineering microrobots for biosensing, and enhanced drug delivery
8 December 2021                                 Prof Michael Levin (Tufts University)
Morphogenesis as collective intelligence: From bioelectric mechanism to synthetic proto-organisms
10 November 2021 Dr Kerstin Göpfrich (Max Planck Institute for Medical Research)
DNA nanotechnology: A shortcut to synthetic cells?
12 May 2021 Prof Claudia Vickers (CSIRO)
Synthetic biology tools for metabolic engineering in microbes: Isopremoids as a model system
14 April 2021 Prof Michael Jewett (Northwestern University)
Bioengineering beyond cells to enable a fair and sustainable 21st bio-century
10 March 2021 Dr Jennifer Brophy (Stanford University), Dr Eftychis Frangedakis (University of Cambridge and Open Plant) and Dr Quentin Dudley (Earlham Institute)
Spotlight on Plant Synthetic Biology
10 February 2021 Prof Yolanda Schaerli (University of Lausanne)
Multistable and dynamic CRISPRi-based synthetic circuits
13 January 2021  Prof Elisa Franco (University of California, Los Angeles - UCLA)
Programming dynamic behaviors in molecular systems and materials
11 November 2020 Prof Domitilla Del Vecchio (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Context dependence of biological circuits: Predictive models and engineering solutions
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