Donate shares

Donating shares can be a tax-effective way of giving to the University. Your gift will be exempt from capital gains tax and you can claim income tax relief.

To donate shares to the University, or find out more about tax benefits, please contact Ella Searle, Planned Giving Manager:

Income Tax relief

 Value of sharesAmount of income tax relief you can claimCost to youValue to the University of Bristol
Basic rate tax payer (20%) £1,000 £200 £800 £1,000
Higher rate tax payer (40%) £1,000 £400 £600 £1,000
Additional rate tax payer (45%) £1,000 £450 £550 £1,000

Capital Gains Tax relief

Your gift will be exempt from Capital Gains Tax (CGT).

If you have not paid enough Income Tax to benefit from all the relief on your gift, but you do have a CGT liability, then your gift will reduce your CGT liability.

Corporation Tax relief

If you are making a gift from a company, the company can claim Corporation Tax relief up to the value of the shares.

Claiming tax benefits

You must transfer shares directly to the University to claim these tax benefits.

Your broker or company registrar may charge you for the transfer. If they do, you can add the cost of the transfer to the notional value of the shares.

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