Hele-Shaw boundary layer wind tunnel

The Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel in the Hele-Shaw laboratory of the Engineering Faculty enables a range of activities from fundamental boundary layer flow to applied aerodynamics and wind energy research. Being ‘multi-purpose in its applications’, ‘modular in its construction’ and ‘versatile in its operations’ are at the heart of the design capabilities. The 30-meter long wind tunnel is powered by 9 axial fans with a total power of 180kW. The multi-fan configuration allows either partial or full operating modes to achieve a steady flow velocity from 2m/s to 35m/s with very low turbulence intensity. The test section, measuring 2m (width) by 1m (height), spans approximately 18m, among the longest wind tunnel test section in UK, and is capable of producing a boundary layer of more than 25cm thick (Reτ ≈ 104). Some of the unique measurement features will include boundary layer suction control, variable pressure gradient ceilings, large MEM-based beamforming arrays, densely populated static and dynamic pressure sensors, drag force plate and particle dispersion release and capture mechanisms.

The wind tunnel is expected to be an integral part of the interdisciplinary research efforts between the School of Civil, Aerospace and Mechanical engineering, and the School of Physics and Chemistry.

If you are interested in using this facility, please contact Prof Mahdi Azarpeyvand 

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