Training Feedback

We ask attendees of our workshops to fill in a standard feedback form at the end of each workshop. This lets us know how attendees find the workshops, as well as giving us good ideas for how things can be improved, and what new subjects people want to learn.

There are three numeric answer questions, which are scored from 1 (not very X) to 6 (very X). We consider responses from 1-3 as negative, and 4-6 as positive.

Summary results of RSE feedback for 2020-21 (online workshops)

Above shows the processed results for all feedback received between March 2020 and March 2021 (online only workshops post lockdown). There were 810 responses in total, with the response rate per workshop being around 50%. Feedback is overwhelmingly positive, with most attendees giving scores of 5 or 6 to each of the three questions.

This feedback can be compared to that collected between January and March 2020 (before lockdown, when we ran in-person workshops).

There were 98 responses from the in-person workshops, with a higher response rate (around 70%). Again, attendees were overwhelmingly positive. The move from in-person to online was successful, with attendees showing greater satisfaction with the virtual classroom compared to the training room. The workshops were also rated as being more useful (more scores of 6 compared to in-person workshops).

In addition to the above three questions, we also ask attendees whether they would recommend our workshops to a colleague. For our online workshops, 99.2% (804 from 810) attendees would recommend our workshops. This is slightly higher than the 96.9% (95 from 98 attendees) who would recommend our in-person workshops.

We also provided a free-form box for general comments. Again, these were overwhelmingly positive. We really do appreciate all of the kind comments. Our favorite responses are below;

  • The online setup of this course works very well. Even in the virtual environment it is still very easy to ask questions and get feedback and help.
  • At first I was concerned about it being done remotely/on teams. But it worked really, really well! 
  • Excellent teaching and tutoring. Really, super good.
  • I would higly encourage everyone who wants to learn a new programming language to take part on this course. I am normally really critical with such courses and get bored super quickly but I enjoyed the course a lot and I am looking forwards for further courses!
  • It was brilliant, good pacing and very informative. I had never used python (at all) before this and it was a great introduction. Thank you.
  • good pace, felt actually more comfortable from home with laptop all setup 
  • The online teaching is perfectly smooth. Almost prefer it than face to face teaching. The double tutor (one speaking one helping in the chat) works nicely. 
  • This course was great. I've been fumbling around in C++ for a little while and this really helped clear up a few things for me. Thanks very much guys!
  • Was really impressed with detailed answers to questions provided by the helpers in the chat. This was really useful and I don't think you would get this in a 'real' classroom - great that it could happen without disrupting the flow of course.
  • Microsoft Teams worked great, everything was very clear, actually preferred it to previous in-person workshops
  • Very well presented for an online class. I prefer online sessions for question asking, as it feels easier to ask things and less like I'm interrupting the flow of the session, as the presenter can address it when they're ready.
  • This course was great. Pitched at a very basic level which was exactly what I needed. Lots of explanation of why things are the way they are too which helps me understand and learn. Starting with git then moving onto github and making clear the difference between the two was very useful.
  • like the learning materials and that you can go at your own pace - like the tutor leading and the support in the chat - thank you very much
  • Excellent course, just what i was after
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