Non-guaranteed undergraduate applicants

Students who are joining the University through Erasmus, clearing, as an insurance choice or have missed the guarantee deadline are not guranteed an offer of accommodation.

Important notice

For all non-guaranteed applicants, we cannot guarantee to make you a University-allocated accommodation offer. If we do have a room available to offer, it is likely to be a shared room or accommodation in a neighbouring town or suburb, such as Bath. 

We have a limited number of rooms available, either in shared rooms, or in residences located in Bath. If we can offer you a room in accommodation in Bath, you will still have the support of our Residential Life service, as well as a travel expenses bursary of £500 per term.

The non-guaranteed expression of interest application has now closed. We will re-open this application if any further accommodation spaces become available. 

Other options 

You can look for accommodation in the private sector, but we must make you aware that there is already very limited remaining availability, with all large providers within the city reporting that they are fully-booked. The Student’s Union have their own lettings company and they have some availability listed currently.

There is limited availability further out of the city in neighbouring towns and suburbs with train stations providing easy access into Bristol. Such areas include Bath, Keynsham, Shirehampton, Yate, Avonmouth and even Chippenham. Our information sheet on finding private rented accommodation provides links to house hunting websites and resources that you can use to search availability in these areas. 

Finding accommodation in the private sector

If you're not guaranteed an offer of University-allocated accommodation, you should begin looking for accommodation in Bristol's private sector immediately. We provide advice on finding somewhere to live, including what to look out for when renting and factsheets and resources to you get started with your accommodation search. 

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