Non-guaranteed undergraduate applicants

Students who are joining the University through Erasmus, clearing, as an insurance choice or have missed the guarantee deadline are not guranteed an offer of accommodation. You can still apply for University-allocated accommodation in our second round of applications, once you have firmly accepted your study place, but should also look in the Private Sector.

Applying for accommodation 

Non-guaranteed applicants can only begin to apply for University-allocated accommodation after their place of study at the University has been confirmed. We open the second round of applications on A level results day, but you will not be able to access the accommodation application portal until at least the day after you have formally confirmed your offer of study because UCAS updates our systems overnight. 

Once you have applied for accommodation, our system allocates students to any remaining rooms that we have available. Students with a health need will be given priority. See our non-guaranteed applicant timeline for details of the stages of the application process. 

Looking in the private sector

As a non-guaranteed applicant, we strongly recommend that you begin looking for accommodation in Bristol's private rented sector alongside your University accommodation application.

Non-guaranteed applicant timeline

Finding accommodation in the private sector

If you're not guaranteed an offer of University-allocated accommodation, you should begin looking for accommodation in Bristol's private sector immediately. We provide advice on finding somewhere to live, including what to look out for when renting and factsheets and resources to you get started with your accommodation search. 

10 August - A level results day

If you join the University through clearing or as an insurance applicant, your place of study at the University becomes formally confirmed following A Level results day. Once your place is confirmed you can apply for accommodation.

11 August - non-guaranteed applications open

Applications for University-allocated accommodation for non-guaranteed students open on the day after A level results. You will need to register on our application portal and set up a password before you can submit your application.

11 August - start private sector search

Once you've submitted your application for University-allocated accommodation, you should also begin looking for accommodation in the private sector, as you are not guaranteed to be offered a place in University accommodation.

24 August - offers begin to be made to non-guaranteed applicants

Students, to whom we are able to make an offer of accommodation, will receive an email asking them to log in to our application system where they will be able to view the details of their accommodation offer. You will need to formally accept it online to confirm your room.

31 August- non-guaranteed applications close

Applications for the second round of University accommodation will close on Tuesday 31 August. If you have not completed your application by midnight on this date you will need to look for accommodation in the private sector.

18-19 September arrivals weekend

You'll receive exact details of the arrival day for your residence, plus how to book a time slot, in your online induction.

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