Short term accommodation

The majority of accommodation in Bristol is let for either 6 months or a year. If you're coming to study for a shorter period, or if you need somewhere for the last few months of your course after your University tenancy has ended, you will need to look for short-term options. We recommend that you need to start searching for a short-term stay around three to four weeks before you need accommodation.

Ensure you have read our advice on renting safely and do not pay money up front unless you are sure it is an authentic situation. 

Bristol SU Lettings
Offer limited short-term tenancies, mainly with resident landlords, advertised on their web site.

Often rented on a weekly or even daily basis, usually includes breakfast and sometimes evening meals on request. The hosts may provide a family environment and an opportunity for tenants to learn the language and experience a different culture. You may be able to negotiate lower prices for longer stays.

University accommodation 
The University may have some availability in-year, however, if offered a room you would need to take on the tenancy until the end of the academic year so this may not be suited to your needs. 

Bulletin Board 
The University Bulletin Board enables students to post messages either looking for accommodation or advertising rooms available.

Hotels and guesthouses 

Another option - depending on how long you need accommodation for - could be to stay in a hotel or guesthouse. 

Visit Bristol
A wide range of accommodation in the city, from large hotels and B&Bs and guesthouses.  

Book to stay in a home with someone letting out their rooms on short to medium term basis via Airbnb. 


If you choose to sublet a room from another student, you should be sure to check first that the landlord is aware of and in agreement with the situation and also find out exactly what’s happening with any deposit you pay. It’s a good idea to ask for the terms of your agreement in writing. Subletting is not permitted in University residences and you will be asked to leave if you are found to be subletting - other landlords may do that same so ensure any agreement you take on is with the knowledge of the landlord. 

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