Moving out of your student accommodation

There's a lot to think about when you come to move out our your accommodation. This page has tips to help your moving out process go more smoothly, and the information you need to minimise any end of tenancy charges.

We recommend that you use our handy moving out checklist for a list of things you will need to do on moving out of your accommodation. Get your flatmates together and work to make all communal areas clean and tidy.  

End of tenancy charges

You will be charged for any lost (or un-returned) keys, rubbish disposal, extra cleaning, repairs or replacements that are needed to your room or communal areas of your residence, such as your flat kitchen, that go beyond normal wear and tear and which arise out of damage or negligence by yourself or your guests. Please be aware that the charges can be considerably higher where accommodation is exceptionally dirty. You can find out more about the costs and further details in our end of tenancy charges download (PDF)

To avoid any charges, you should leave your room clean, free of rubbish or unwanted items, and return all your keys. We suggest that you take photos of everything after you have cleaned, so you can provide evidence of the condition of your accommodation when you move out so that you can challenge any charges you feel are unfair.

Your room will be checked to see that it is clean, no damage has been caused and no items are missing. After everyone has left we will inspect the communal areas.

Donating items

One of the most common charges student incur when they move out is for the removal of items that have left behind, both rubbish and unwanted items. Try and reduce your waste by taking things with you to your new accommodation. If you want to get rid of things that are reusable then please donate them, don't put them out with the rubbish. 

What items can I donate?

  • Food (tinned or long life)
  • Toiletries
  • Kitchen utensils
  • Clothing and shoes
  • Stationery, DVD’s and CD’s
  • Books and games
  • Bikes. 

Where can I donate these items?

Please be aware that different charities will be accepting different donations. The following charities are accepting donations in Bristol:

On the day you move out

Make sure you follow these instructions:

  • Put any final rubbish or recycling in external bins.
  • Make sure you have removed all your personal belongings.   
  • Take photos of your room in the condition you left it.
  • Close your window, turn off your light and lock your dooor.
  • Remove your bike, if you have one, from the bike storage area as there is a retrieval fee. If your bike is in good condition read about recycling your bike
  • Have a final trip to your post locker, as any unclaimed post will not be retained, in accordance with the post policy.
  • Return your keys. If you’re living in a University-owned residence, you can return your keys directly to your Accommodation Manager, or by dropping them in to the Residential Student Support Centre for your village. If you’re in a partnership residence, return your keys to your residence reception.

Moving into private rented accommodation

Moving into private rented accommodation is very different to University owned or partnership residences. Here is more information about moving into and living in private rented accommodation

Additional resources

Download our handy checklist and information sheets.

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