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Insight into Media

2 February 2012

Insight into Media is a three day course designed to give you a taste of a variety of careers within the media industry.

Real media people currently working in advertising, TV, PR, radio, publishing, journalism help you discover what their jobs are all about through talks and case studies.

The second day of the course concentrates on journalism and you will report on a news story which involves working with members of the emergency services, politicians and the general public.

Who is it aimed at?

Current students from any subject or year who are interested in finding out more about a career in the media.

Why go?

  • To find out more about a range of media careers
  • To network with people currently working in the industry
  • Gain expert advice and have your questions answered
  • Use contacts to gain work experience

For more details and to book your space please visit the Careers Events pages.