Moving out of University accommodation

Find out what you need to do before leaving your accommodation and on moving out day. Avoid unwanted charges by following our moving out guide.

Things you need to do

Check your tenancy dates

Your tenancy dates are listed on your tenancy agreement, which you can access via the Accommodation Portal. Your tenancy end date is the day you need to move out by. It's not possible to stay in your room beyond this date, but if you need accommodation for the summer, we have summer short-stay options available.

If you are moving out before your tenancy date, you will remain liable for rent until the date listed in your tenancy. Find out more about your liability and ending your tenancy early

Your bedroom

  • Check all items listed in the room inventory are in your bedroom.
  • Clean your room thoroughly and remove all rubbish and recycling. Wipe down the inside of your wardrobe, cupboards and drawers, along with all surfaces and skirting boards.
  • If you have an en-suite, clean your sink, taps and mirror. Make sure you clean the bathroom walls, toilet and shower, clean the floor and empty the bin.
  • Vacuum your bedroom carpet and leave it stain free.
  • Take down anything from your walls and check there are no marks.
  • Put aside things you don’t want anymore so they can be donated to charity.
  • On departure, close your window, turn off your light and lock your door.
  • Take photos of your room in the condition you left it. 

Communal areas

  • Remove your belongings from communal areas.
  • Empty your bins and throw away or recycle all rubbish.
  • Get your flatmates together to clean the communal areas. You will need to:
    • empty cupboards, surfaces and your fridge-freezer;
    • clean all surfaces, the inside of cupboards, the oven and the microwave;
    • defrost and clean the fridge-freezer.
  • If you have a bike, you must remove it from the bike storage area. The University will remove abandoned bikes from within and around University property as part of the Abandoned Bicycle Policy.
  • Have a final trip to your post locker, as any unclaimed post will not be retained.

Return your keys

  • Return all of your keys, including for your mailbox if you have one. If you’re living in a University-owned residence, you can hand keys in to your Student Support Centre or accommodation manager. In partnership residences, please return your keys to the reception for your residence.

You will be charged if we need to remove anything that you have left behind, or if there is any cleaning needed or damage to your room or communal areas. See the damages pages for more information. 

End of tenancy charges

After you have moved out, your room will be checked to see that it is clean, no damage has been caused and no items are missing. After everyone has left, we will inspect the communal areas. 

You will be charged for:

  • lost or un-returned keys
  • rubbish or personal items you have left behind
  • extra cleaning or redecoration
  • repairs or replacements that go beyond normal wear and tear.

These apply both to your room and the communal areas. Charges can be much higher if your accommodation is left in an exceptionally dirty condition.

Download the end of tenancy list of charges for full details.

Take photos of everything after you have cleaned, so you have evidence of the condition of your accommodation when you moved out. This will help you challenge any charges you feel are unfair.

Donating unwanted items

One of the most common charges that students incur when they move out is for items that have been left behind. If you want to get rid of things that can be reused, please donate them, don't put them out with the rubbish.

What can I donate?

  • food (tinned or long life)
  • toiletries
  • kitchen utensils
  • clothing and shoes
  • stationery
  • DVDs and CDs
  • books and games. 

Where can I donate unwanted items?

These Bristol charities accept donations:

Not all charities accept all items.

Moving out of private rented accommodation

What you need to know if you are moving out of private rented accommodation (Pdf 216 kb) rather than a University residence.

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