NameDissertation title
Hardeep Aiden  
Miles Burger  
Sarah Burrows-Weeks  
Panayiota Christodoulou  
Emely Dzuda  
Viliami Fifita  
Yedith Guillen Fernandez The effects of international remittances on poverty: Evidence from Mexico 1996-2006
Alison Kite  
Yoonkyung Kwak  
Alba Lanau The nature and dynamics of youth social exclusion in Western Europe
Erlangga Landiyanto  
Claudine Litvak Cooper  
Yasha MacCanico  
Carron McDiarmid  
Hector Najera  
Patricio Olivera Zuniga  
Daisuke Wakisaka  
Muhammed Williams The contribution of research to policy making on poverty reduction in Ghana
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