Buildings and Contents

Insurer: Zurich Municipal


On site: We insure "All Risks" of physical loss or damage to University property or property in our custody or control whilst on University premises.

Off site: We insure "All Risks" of physical loss or damage worldwide up to £100,000 any one item, up to £250,000 any one claim.  If this is exceeded please contact the Insurance Office.

Excess: £5,000

In addition to this, the insurance has been extended to cover up to £10,000 of audio visual equipment lent to staff, students or other authorised persons with a £250.00 excess.  This excludes losses from unattended vehicles and a provision of the policy is that equipment is to be stored in a locked room when not in use.

Please note the University's property insurance policy contains Fire conditions (PDF, 122kB) which local facilities managers and safety advisers should read and familiarise themselves with.

If you require written confirmation of the University’s property insurance please contact


Insurer: Zurich Municipal Insurance

Cover: "All Risks" of accidental loss or damage worldwide.

Excess: £5,000 reduced to £1500 for portable computers.

Major Exclusions: Losses from unattended vehicles.

Business Interruption Insurance (Income)

Insurer: Zurich Municipal Insurance

This insurance provides cover for additional costs following damage to premises as follows:

Basis of cover:

  • Loss of 60 months revenue/ profit up to £35 million
  • Cost of additional expenditure following damage to premises - up to £15 million for 36 months
  • Loss of 36 months commercial rental income

Money (Cash)

Insurer: Zurich Municipal

Excess: Nil

Please check with the Insurance Office if you are unsure how much money you can store in your local safe.

The insurance policy contains a warranty that all keys to safes must be removed from the premises.  


Insurer: Zurich Municipal

This contract provides cover for statutory safety inspections on boiler and pressure plant/ vessels, lifts, cranes and lifting equipment.

Facilities Managers and some School Safety advisers should have access to the Zurich Municipal CRIMSON system for logging when inspections are due – please contact the Insurance Office via e-mail ( for assistance with this if required.

How to make a claim

If you have suffered a loss in relation to any of the above covers please can you contact the Insurance Office as soon as possible for advice on how to make a claim