Steering Group

The Centre for Academic Primary Care's (CAPC's) Public and Patient Involvement & Engagement (PPI&E) steering group have a responsibility to provide advice and guidance on developing CAPC's public involvement and engagement stratey.

Who we are

The steering group has members with different backgrounds and experience.  In keeping with our view that research should be an active partnership between the public and researchers, we have an equal number of each in the group. 

The steering group supports the CAPC PPI&E co-ordinator.  This role is held by Julie Clayton and Victoria Wilson.

Role of the PPI&E co-ordinator

The role of the PPI&E co-ordinator is to:

  • help form successful partnerships between researchers and members of the public to improve CAPC's research;
  • work with researchers to encourage involvement of the public in research planning, including talking about what should be researched and how to carry out the research in the best way for people taking part;
  • find public contributors to help the research team throughout the study and works with both groups to share research findings and plan future research;
  • make sure members of the public from all communities and walks of life are involved so that the views of our public contributors are as representative of the wider public as possible.
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