From low noise labs in the basement to an observatory on the roof, the School of Physics is home to a range of world-class facilities. Our laboratories and equipment are looked after by a dedicated team of technicians and are used by our researchers, students and industry.

Bristol NanoESCA Facility

Bristol NanoESCA Laboratory

The Bristol NanoESCA Facility is the newest and one of the most advanced surface analysis instruments in UK.

Centre for Nanoscience and Quantum Information

The Bristol Centre for Nanoscience and Quantum Information (NSQI) is the University's dedicated research centre for nanoscience and quantum information activities.


Our cleanroom enables accessible wafer-scale micro and nano fabrication and is used for rapid prototyping of a range of devices, including photonic structures, microfluidics, micro-lenses, integrated circuits and MEMS.

Coldrick Observatory

This impressive six-metre radio telescope on the roof of the school and is used by our Astrophysics researchers to survey our Galaxy for sources of maser emission. 

Optical Observatory

The roof of the school of physics is home to a 25-centrimetre optical telescope housed in its own dome. This multi-touch interface displays microscope video images in real-time and allows the users to intuitively trap and control objects within the microscope using optical traps.

Industry use

The School's facilities are available for use by industry, more information on how industry can use the school's labs and equipment can be found here.

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