Philosophical Gourmet Report rankings

The most recent Philosophical Gourmet Report has ranked Bristol very highly, and one of the best places for Philosophy of Science, Maths and Logic.

The Department of Philosophy at the University of Bristol was ranked 9th in the UK overall.

Some specialisations were ranked extremely highly:

Mathematical Logic 1 in UK 4-8 worldwide
Philosophy of Biology 1 in UK 4-9 worldwide
General Philosophy of Science joint 1 in UK 3-13 worldwide
Decision, Rational Choice, & Game Theory 2 in UK 5-8 worldwide
Philosophy of Social Sciences 3 in UK 10-18 worldwide
Philosophy of Physics 4 in UK 14-18 worldwide
Philosophy of Mathematics joint 2 in UK 16-21 worldwide
Philosophical Logic joint 3 in UK 20-35 worldwide

Reference: Philosophical Gourmet Report 

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