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Experts in 'gender'

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  Professor Lois Bibbings
Post(s): Professor of Law, Gender and History, University of Bristol Law School
Research Fellow, School of Social and Community Medicine
Areas of expertise: I have written about violence and non-violence, the military, crime, sexuality, the body, cosmetic surgery, female genital...
Keywords: gender | (non)violence | sexuality | military | widening participation | history | masculinities | crime
  Professor Judith Bryce
Post(s): Senior Research Fellow in Italian, Department of Italian
Emeritus Professor, Department of Italian
Areas of expertise: My early research interests focused on mid-sixteenth-century Florentine cultural history, but I have also published on modern...
Keywords: culture | Florentine cultural history | Italian literature | Florence | gender | women
  Professor Terrell Carver
Post(s): Professor of Political Theory, School of Sociology, Politics and International Studies
Areas of expertise: I am a scholar of political ideas and philosophies, particularly Marx/Engels/Marxism and more recent studies within feminist...
Keywords: Marx | Engels | Marxism | gender | masculinity | Postmodernism | opera and politics | political philosophy
  Dr Katharine Charsley
Post(s): Senior Lecturer, School of Sociology, Politics and International Studies
Areas of expertise: My principle research interests are in gender, the family, and migration, particularly in the field of cross-border marriages....
Keywords: gender | the family | migration | graduate migration | transnational marriages | ethnicity | transnationalism
  Professor Gillian Clark
Post(s): Emeritus Professor of Classics & Ancient History, Department of Classics & Ancient History
Senior Research Fellow in Classics & Ancient History, Department of Classics & Ancient History
Areas of expertise: My research field is the relationship of inherited classical culture and late antique Christianity. I work especially on...
Keywords: classical culture | Christianity | Augustine | Porphyry | Iamblichus | gender | Augustine City of God
  Professor Gavin D'Costa
Post(s): Professor in Catholic Theology, Department of Religion and Theology
Areas of expertise: Christian relations with other religions. Christianity and gender issues. Modern Roman Catholic theology and practice. Christianity...
Keywords: Christianity | modern period | religion | gender | psychoanalysis | Roman Catholicism
  Dr Lesel Dawson
Post(s): Senior Lecturer, Department of English
Areas of expertise: My research is in the field of early modern English literature and culture (with a particular emphasis on the drama of the...
Keywords: English literature | lovesickness | gender | literature and medicine | revenge tragedy | Shakespeare | Thomas Middleton | John Ford
  Professor Esther Dermott
Post(s): Professor of Sociology, School of Sociology, Politics and International Studies
Areas of expertise: How fathers combine paid employment and family life; expectations of work and fatherhood and the balancing of desires and...
Keywords: fathers | fatherhood | work/life balance | family | work/employment | gender | family friendly policies | intimacy
  Dr Pamela Greenhough
Post(s): Research Fellow, Graduate School of Education
Areas of expertise: Since 1987, I have worked as a principle researcher on a series of research projects. Initially, I was based at the University...
Keywords: social interaction | home culture | parents | popular culture | gender | literacy learning | numeracy learning | transfer
  Dr Paul Higate
Post(s): Reader in Gender and Security, School of Sociology, Politics and International Studies
Areas of expertise: My area of expertise is the gendered culture of the armed forces, in particular masculinities. I have also carried out research...
Keywords: military | gender | culture | peacekeepers
  Dr Anke Holdenried
Post(s): Senior Lecturer in Medieval History, Department of History (Historical Studies)
Areas of expertise: I work on the cultural and intellectual history of the Middle Ages and am particularly interested in medieval prophetic traditions....
Keywords: middle ages | medieval prophetic traditions | apocalypticism | Sibylla Tiburtina | prophetia | gender | politics
  Dr Nabil Khattab
Post(s): Research Fellow in Sociology, Politics and International Studies, School of Sociology, Politics and International Studies
Areas of expertise: My main areas of interest fall within two main areas and the inter-relationship between them; social divisions and socio-economic...
Keywords: social divisions | socio-economic inequality | social exclusion | ethnicity | gender | social mobility
  Dr Maud Perrier
Post(s): Lecturer, School of Sociology, Politics and International Studies
Areas of expertise: My main research field is located in the Sociology of Gender and Families. My research interests also include feminist activism,...
Keywords: gender | families | feminist activism | motherhood | parenting
  Dr Ann Rippin
Post(s): Reader in Management, Department of Management
Areas of expertise: My research interests focus on aesthetics, gender and history in Management. I am greatly interested in research methodology,...
Keywords: aesthetics | gender | history in management | management | management research | culture | organisations | French feminist theory