Sruthi Boppana

Graduated with BSc Mathematics in 2019

Current role

Finance Business Partner at British Airways

My favourite thing about working here is the sense of community. Everyone is so friendly and willing to help each other from the staff in the office to crew who make flying possible. I’ve also really enjoyed the graduate network that I’ve had the opportunity to build with grads on the finance programme and across the business. One thing I’m definitely looking forward to are the staff perks I’ll soon be getting! 

A typical day in my role varies depending on the day of the month. During the beginning of any month I’m heavily focused on analysis on the financial standings of the previous months. As part of the Brands and Customer Experience team, this involves working with suppliers and managers from various areas of the business to understand the figures. My team also deal with customer compensation and due to the nature of the industry, disruption to flight schedules is rather common. This means we are responsible for tracking and making sure that the compensation the company is paying out is reasonable and compliant. 

The skills and techniques I learned throughout my degree definitely allowed me to show interviewers that I was capable of succeeding. I use the problem-solving skills I learned in my degree daily as a lot of the analysis I carry out is very independent and requires me to think of my own approach to forecast future financial impact on my area of the business.


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