What we do

Groups within IT Services are tasked with the delivery of the IT services across the University, ensuring consistency with the University vision and strategy. IT Services is committed to providing the IT infrastructure and tools to enable academic excellence and business efficiency at the University of Bristol. The professional IT staff in the groups listed below provide innovative, customer focused solutions to meet the needs of the University community.

Support group

  • Provides Faculty IT support, the IT Service Desk and IT Training.
  • Buys, installs & deploys computers and software for staff, lecture theatres and study spaces.
  • Provision of audio visual services
  • Responsible for IT Services’ communications and consultancy.

Teams in support:

  • Service Desk & Learning and Training
  • Faculty IT Support
  • Business Partners
  • Specialist Computing
  • Logistics
  • Teaching, Learning and Collaboration Spaces (TLC)
  • End-User Computing (EUC)
  • Communications
  • Administration

Projects Group

  • Develops the IT project methodology.
  • Provides project management support for IT projects.
  • Provides project management support and assurance for major corporate IT enabled projects.
  • Provide an IT Architecture function to guide developments.

Digital Solutions group

  • Provides data & telephone networks, including wireless service.
  • Provide the servers for business critical systems.
  • Provides storage and archiving of University corporate data.
  • Works closely with Advanced Computing on storage and high speed networking to aid research.
  • Leads the development and operation of IT systems University-wide.
  • Strategic planning of IT systems strategy that aligns with University strategy.
  • Development of systems and data integration and standardisation strategies that fit with the University's operating requirements.
  • Develops, supports and improves IT service management processes.
  • Responsible for the management of Research IT support.

Advanced Computing Group

  • Designs, builds and manages the central facilities for computer-intensive and data-intensive research.
  • Manages the major resources, the computer clusters BlueCrystal and the petascale storage facility BluePeta.
  • Provides a range of short courses, seminars and symposia on research computing.
  • Provides consultancy and advice.
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