Facilities and analytical capabilities

The Bristol Isotope Group is housed in the School of Earth Sciences.  Its facilities comprise two extensive metal-free, positive pressure, clean labs for sample preparation and a mass-spectrometry suite withfive magnetic-sector mass-spectrometers (one Thermo Finnigan Triton TIMS, two Thermo Finnigan Neptune MC-ICPMS, one Thermo Finnigan Element 2 and one Thermo Scientific Proteus, a prototype collision-cell MC-ICPMS/MS) and two Teledyne Analyte G2 Excimer laser ablation systems. We also have a New-wave micromillhigh pressure asher, microwave and Paar bomb dissolution. 

Isotope group clean-lab

We also collaborate across the university with access to a wide range of complementary facilities:   

Interface Analysis Centre houses extensive analytical equipment and specialized laboratories 

Accelerator Mass Spectrometer for analysis of radiocarbon 

Samples prepared in Bristol analysed at Diamond
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