Specialist study support for disabled students

We can advise you on how to access a range of specialist study support. This support needs funding, and includes:


This is one-to-one, confidential light-touch coaching. Practical and emotional support to help you achieve your academic goals. Mentoring is not the same as counselling and is not therapy.

Study skills tuition

This is one-to-one, confidential support with academic skills. It will help you understand assignment briefs, organise your thoughts on paper, and prepare for exams. Study skills tuition is not subject-specific.

Practical support

This is manual handling or ‘fetching and carrying’ support. You might use practical support in the library, in a lab or workshop, or on a field trip.

Other support

There is other one-to-one funded specialist support available, such as manual and electronic notetaking, using a reader or scribe in exams, and sign language interpreting. Contact us to discuss your needs. 

How to apply for specialist support

Specialist support needs funding

If you would like to discuss the possiblity of using one-to-one specialist support, please contact us to make an appointment with a Disability Adviser.

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