We provide confidential information, advice and guidance to prospective and current disabled students and to staff supporting disabled students.

Our consent process has changed. Please read our updated disclosure and confidentiality statement, especially if you have refused consent to share data previously.

Disability Services has created a video on the support options for disabled students at the University of Bristol. The term ‘disability’ is broader than many people think.

Disability Services: What we do

Find out who we can help and what we do.

Apply for AEAs

Submit a Study Support Request (SSR) to apply for Alternative Exam Arrangements (AEAs) for the summer resit period. Apply now so that you do not miss the deadline.

You only need to apply if you don't already have a Study Support Plan (SSP), previously known as a Disability Support Summary (DSS)).

You can review the AEAs in your SSP.

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