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Entos, Inc. announces a $53m funding raise to develop its AI-driven platform for pharmaceutical discovery

The San Diego Entos Headquarters Entos

2 September 2021

Entos was founded in 2019 by Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Tom Miller from Caltech and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Fred Manby from the School of Chemistry, University of Bristol, with IP licensed from both universities. Seed funding led by Nexus VP enabled operations to really start in Spring 2020. The company was founded on the vision of creating technologies for accelerated molecular discovery. In the first year of operation the company focused on building machine-learning and software technologies, built to a team of around 25 scientists and engineers, and demonstrated great customer traction with a range of pharmaceuticals and chemicals companies. 

This Series A funding round represents a turning point. The highest value proposition for the technologies developed in the past year is to use them in-house for pharmaceutical discovery, and to help power this vision, Entos added Tim Cernak as Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) and Sarah Trice as Chief Operating Officer (COO). The Series A raise provides the means to open new lab space in the thriving and fast-growing biotech environment in San Diego, and hire the team of medicinal chemists, automation chemists, biologists, and pharmacologists required. 

Fred Manby said: "I have had the most wonderful time in my evolving roles at the University of Bristol. The School of Chemistry has been my home for around 20 years, and the support I received from all of you – and the amazing people I have worked with – truly enabled Entos to succeed".

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