Support for graduates

Information on the support we offer to Bristol graduates.

As a graduate of the University of Bristol you have access to the Careers Service for up to three years after you finish your studies, wherever you are in the world - make the most of our free, professional, and unbiased support to get your career started.

Enhanced BristolGrad support

If you have completed an undergraduate degree at Bristol within the past 12 months, and are resident in the UK, you are eligible for our enhanced BristolGrad support package.

In addition to our usual support, BristolGrad gives you access to tailored advice and guidance to help you get your career started. Whether you know exactly what you want to do, or are just starting to think about your career plans, you can benefit from:

  • One-to-one careers support from a dedicated Careers Consultant who specialises in helping recent graduates.
  • Feedback on your job applications.
  • Interview coaching.
  • Tools and resources to help you structure your career plans.
  • Regular email updates with opportunities for graduates including monthly newsletters from the Alumni Team.
  • Access to paid work experience opportunities.

Contact us through Live Chat to get started.

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Whether you're creating your CV, seeking work experience, or exploring your career options, we can support you.

If you’ve got a question, join us for a chat.

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