Bristol PLUS Award

Information about the University’s employability award, Bristol PLUS - a tool to help you maximise the opportunities available to you as a student and support your future ambitions.

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Registration is now closed for 2019/20 and will reopen in September. Already registered? Complete by 12 June.

Bristol PLUS Award

The Bristol PLUS Award rewards you for extra-curricular activities you have completed at any point during your degree, and provides a structure to reflect on the skills you have developed.

Employers support the Award because it demonstrates that you have the skills that they value.

Outstanding Award 

Aim for the Outstanding Award after completing the Bristol PLUS Award. The award rewards students who have made significant contributions in another extra-curricular role or project.

Every exercise towards achieving the Bristol PLUS Award enhanced my ability to network and communicate effectively. Achieving the Award has boosted my confidence ever since and is a memory to cherish always.

Gowrishanker (MSc Integrated Aerospace Systems Design, 2012), Founder, Spacenxt Aviation and Aerospace Research
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