Research Groups

The Faculty supports a number of interdisciplinary, collaborative Faculty Research Groups. The Groups develop and nurture research and impact in new and emerging areas of research, particularly interdisciplinary, collaborative and cross-cutting fields.

2022-2023 Research Groups

American Studies

Co-ordinators: Dr Stephen Mawdsley (History) and Dr Sam Hitchmough (History)

Bristol Digital Game Lab

Co-ordinators: Dr Xiaochun Zhang (Translation Studies) and Dr Richard Cole (Classics and Ancient History)

Bristol-Exeter Modern British History

Co-ordinators: Dr Amy Edwards (History) and Dr Simeon Koole (History)

Drinking Studies Research Group

Co-ordinator: Dr Mark Hailwood (History)

Early Modern Studies

Co-ordinators: Dr Kenneth Austin (History) and Dr Sebastiaan Verweij (English)

Screen Research

Co-ordinators: Professor Catherine O'Rawe (Italian) and Dr Miguel Gaggiotti (Film and Television)

Sense and Sensations

Co-ordinator: Dr Andy Flack (History)

Research Centres

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