External Comments

External comments are requested for all new programmes and changes to programmes which require University level approval. We request that two sets of external comments are sought, one of whom may be your external examiner. One of your external assessors may be an expert from industry, if appropriate for the proposed programme. 

Please download the External Referee Form (Office document, 103kB) and ask your external referees to complete. The two completed forms can be uploaded into the Unit and Programme Management System in the 'Support’ section.

We ask for external comments to ensure that we have input from subject specialists with their ability to comment on the intellectual rigour and coherence of the teaching and assessment outlined in the proposal.

If your external referee has asked any questions or raised any concerns, please respond directly to the comments, return to your external and include any further comments from them on the form. If the proposal has been modified in response to the externals’ comments, please indicate this on the form.