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Vice-Chancellor's Fellow Dr Sara Correia Carreira's article on 3D Bioprinting: The Emergence of Programmable Biodesign

13 August 2019

Dr Sara Correia Carreira has published a progress report in Advance Healthcare Materials in which the current state‐of‐the‐art in the field of bioprinting is discussed, with a special emphasis on recent hardware developments, bioprinting for regenerative medicine, and late‐breaking nontraditional topics.

Dr Sara Correia Carreira: "In this progress report, we attempt to engage the reader through the discussion of a number of key points within this rapidly expanding interdisciplinary field. Specifically, we touch on the recent progress within bioprinter hardware and printhead development, we consider the development of organotypic 3D models for disease and their uptake by industry, and we review some of the excellent examples of 3D bioprinting for regenerative medicine. Finally, we consider the current challenges that are still facing bioprinting and discuss exciting emerging topics within the biofabrication sphere."

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