After you apply

Contact us

If you have any queries, please contact us via the relevant department's details.

Access your applicant portal

Once you have submitted your application, you can access your applicant portal. Log in with the username and password you set when creating your application.

You can access the applicant portal if you have submitted an application for a postgraduate programme since October 2021.

Applicant portal


After we have received and assessed your application, we may invite you to attend an interview, either in person or online.

For some programmes we will interview you to assess your suitability. For others, we will make a decision based on your application form alone. To find out if you are likely to be interviewed, see the 'Interviews' section in your programme's admissions statement.

If you are invited for an interview, you will be contacted by email to make arrangements. Make sure you regularly check the email address you provided on your application form.

Apply for another programme

You can apply to more than one postgraduate programme at the University. Simply find your programme using the online prospectus and log in to the application system using your existing username and password.

Withdraw your application

You can withdraw your application at any point in your applicant portal. It may be possible to reinstate your application. If you wish to do so, contact us.

When an application is put on hold 

Sometimes we need to review the application numbers for a programme, to make sure we get the right number of students. This helps us to provide the best university experience. 

When this happens, we will temporarily stop processing applications for that programme, while we decide whether we can make any more offers. 

If we pause processing applications for your programme, we will put your application on hold. You will receive an email to tell you this. 

If spaces become available, we will continue to process your application and we may be able to make you an offer. If spaces do not become available, your application will be made unsuccessful. You should check your applicant portal for any updates. 

Marking and assessment Boycott

If you are applying or hold an offer for a taught master’s programme at the University of Bristol and you are missing marks due to industrial action, you won't be denied entry to a master's programme where your existing marks indicate you were likely to meet the terms of your offer. You have two options available:

  1. Upload your results now. If marks awarded indicate that you are on track to meet the terms of your offer, we may still be able to make your offer unconditional.
  2. Wait to upload your results until you have marks that indicate you have met the terms of your offer. We will need these results by 15 September and we will hold your place until this date. If you wish to make use of this extension, please contact us at by 4 August 2023 (for international students) or 31 August 2023 (for home students).
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