Welcome 2023

Bristol Welcome is here to help you to start your Bristol story. Find the people you live with, who you study with, who you exercise with, and who you connect with.

We have a huge range of events for you to choose from as you start your time at Bristol. These events are to meet people and try new things, but also events that will help you make the most of your studies. 

Welcome week will take place from 18 September to 22 September, but there are plenty of events taking place outside this time to join in on as well. View the events calendar to see everything taking place this year.

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  • SU Welcome Fair

Find your group

Welcome events are held all over the university. Find out about the different groups holding events as you start with us at the University of Bristol.

School events

Each school in the University holds their own school events and activities. Get to know your school and become part of the community.

Destination Bristol

Destination Bristol is three days of social activities and delicious food set amongst the beautifully landscaped surrounding of Royal Fort Gardens. It’s the ideal place to meet new people, eat good food, and find out about Bristol. It will take place from 19 to 21 September

Sport and physical activity

From walking and dancing to competitive team sport, there is a club or activity for you. Our sport and physical activity programme offers a range of taster sessions to help you find your favourite way to stay active. Join in with our colour run where everyone is welcome.

Residential Life

For those students living in university accommodation, your Residential Life team supports your residence's community, and wellbeing while you are in residences. Find out when your Residential Life team welcome talks and events are taking place.

Bristol Students Union (SU)

The Bristol SU will be holding events all through September and October. All students are welcome to the huge range of events and activities which cover everything from plant-potting to club nights.

Welcome Fair

On Friday 22 September Bristol SU will host the free Welcome Fair on Durdham Downs. The fair will be open from 9:30 am – 6 pm. This is your opportunity to sign up to different societies, sports clubs, volunteering projects, networks and pick up freebies from our commercial stalls.

Global Lounge

The Global Lounge is a multi-cultural hub in the heart of campus. Visit the Global Lounge welcome programme to find out about the welcome events being held this year.

Mature students

Book your place at one of our special events for mature students including advice on successful study as well as a chance to meet other mature students from across our community. Find out more about the support available for mature and part-time students.

Inbound study abroad students

Study Abroad (General pathway) students

Orientation for Study Abroad (General pathway) students will start from Monday 18 September. The Centre for Study Abroad team will send further information about orientation activities shortly before the start of the semester.

Study Abroad (Subject pathway) students

Orientation for Study Abroad (Subject pathway) students will start from Monday 18 September. You will be invited to a welcome session in your host academic department which will take place during the first week of term.

If you are unsure which pathway applies to you, please check your offer letter.

Explore the university

Our campus is your campus. It is big and part of the city. Take time to find study spacescomputer labscafés and bars. Take a walk around our buildings or use our campus map to find your school office and the lab or performance spaces you will become familiar with.

University of Bristol app

Download the app to make the most of your time at Bristol. Download from Google Play or the App Store.

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