Mentoring and peer support

There are a range of mentoring and peer support opportunities available during your studies.

Mentoring and peer support schemes can help you develop important skills. These include active listening, feedback, and interpersonal abilities.

Opportunities may include:

  • mentoring fellow students
  • supporting local youth initiatives
  • a professional from a career in which you are interested becoming your mentor
  • leading or attending one to one or group peer support sessions.

Mentoring and peer support within the University

There are many different options available. Your eligibility to take part will vary depending on a variety of factors.

  • Peer mentor

    This scheme helps new students settle into life at university. Your mentor will usually study a similar subject to you and is there to listen and answer questions.

  • Peer assisted study session leader

    These are trained, later years students who run student-led study sessions. The sessions are friendly and informal.

  • Trans and non-binary mentoring

    You will be assigned a mentor with a similar lived experience, who will know the local community. They can provide you with information and advice about trans and non-binary services.

Mentoring in the local community

You could also undertake an opportunity to be a mentor for aspiring students and in the local community.

Opportunities have included:

  • doing a one to one session with refugees and asylum seekers
  • supporting children in primary and secondary schools
  • online e-mentoring opportunities
  • mentoring aspiring Bristol students and young people in the community.

We have a partnership with intoUniversity. This organisation supports students to become mentors.

Bristol Connects

Bristol Connects is an online platform for Bristol alumni, students and staff. Connect with your global alumni community to gain insights, share professional experience and make new connections.

Track your skills

Reflect on, record, and develop the skills you are learning through this opportunity. 

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