Student noticeboards

Noticeboards specifically for student use have been installed in the Arts and Social Sciences Library, the Senate House Study Centre, and the Hawthorns Refectory.

These ‘spaces’ will be student-managed, meaning that you, along with your fellow students, will be responsible for posting and removing material, for respecting the material displayed by other students (meaning don’t deface, post over or remove posters that are not yours unless they are obviously out of date) and generally for looking after the space.

Poster guidance

  • The preferred size is A4 (or smaller); nothing larger than A3 please, and be aware that larger posters may be removed if space is tight.
  • One poster per site.
  • Posters should be affixed with drawing pins, which will be available at the noticeboard locations.
  • Posters displayed on other walls or places (eg easels or white boards) within the Arts and Social Sciences Library, Senate House Study Centre and Hawthorns Refectory will be removed.
  • Please no commercial material, and see the small print below.

The small print

Upon accepting your offer of a place to study, you will have agreed to the University’s rules and regulations, which were established to help create a positive environment for learning and academic achievement. Your relationship with the University carries with it the expectation that you will abide by the University policies on Equality and Diversity and Acceptable behaviour.

Most of this is common sense, but please be aware that the University reserves the right to remove any material that can be construed as defamatory, discriminatory, or otherwise offensive. If inappropriate material continues to be posted, and we are unable to identify the responsible party, the privilege of having this student-managed space will be removed. The ultimate decision as to whether a poster is or isn’t removed rests with the University.

Digital display screens

You may also submit posters to be displayed on digital screens around campus. Please see the Advice on Digital Signage web page for more information about how this works, or email

Submissions for digital screens should be produced and sent as an image (eg jpeg) sized landscape 1024 pixels x 576 pixels.

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