About us

The Centre for Urban and Public Policy Research is at the forefront of multi-disciplinary research at the intersection of urban studies and social and public policy. The Centre's interests stretch from macro-level questions about societal organisation and supranational institutional structures to micro-level questions such as the inclusionary potential of changing structures for participation in local policy making and or the impacts of policy on neighbourhoods and individual households. We undertake international and comparative research and also engage with partners in Bristol and the West of England region. We are committed to research-informed teaching and contribute to programmes at undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral levels in social and public policy, and host research students from many different parts of the world. The centre also hosts the editorial office of the journal Policy & Politics.    

Policy & Politics

Policy & Politics is the leading journal in the field of public policy. It is currently co-edited by Oscar Berglund of the Centre for Urban and Public Policy Research

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