NameDissertation title
Sharifah Ali Alshomrani                        The Role of Social Workers in Providing Inclusive Education for Children with Special Needs in Primary Schools in Saudi Arabia
Hilda Akinyi Owii  Care Systems, Economies, and Africa’s Demographic Transition 
Gozde Burger     Young People's Experiences of Parental Divorce in England and Turkey 
Naomi Clarke     Exploring the role of craft during coronavirus 
Kate Bowen-Viner        Young people, menstruation discourses, menstrual stigma and materiality: insights for designing and developing RSHE 
Dulcie Gray  An exploration of the educational experiences of young people with social, emotional and mental health needs who are growing up in poverty 
Amanda Ivic
Daniel Lombard  Studying the meanings and interpretations of person-centred care with older people, from the perspectives of care workers and managers 
Bintu Mansaray    Exploring the Impact of Multisectoral Responses to Child Sexual Abuse: An Indepth Review of the Sierra Leone Context  
Yuting Meng      Students' Emotional Wellbeing in Mainland Chinese Middle Schools: A Case Study in Hunan Province 
Lois Peach         Intergenerational intra-actions: Exploring the processes involved when multiple generations and materialities come together in non-familial intergenerational practice 
Joel Nathan Price An Exploration of Social Worker’s Relationships with Families and Professionals  
Caroline Webb
Qiru Wei
Migrant and urban children's educational related engagement with the Internet in the digital age in China 
Zilu Wang
An Investigation of Chinese Parenting of Two-child Families under the Universal Two-child Policy 
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