Support hub

Welcome to the Run Series support hub. Access an ever-growing library of resources to help you get over the finish line.

Training plans

Our training plans are downloadable and will help you safely get off your couch and over the finish line. 

You can start at week-1 or jump to the week that suits your current ability to get started. 

Join our Strava club

Our 1200+ strong #WeAreBristol community is friendly & supportive. From student, staff, alumni & community members, who are total beginners, right the way through to seasoned runners & cyclists; they will have an abundance of top tips to share with you!

Staying safe

Advice on staying safe during your training.

Running and Wellbeing

Information, guidance and content to help you think more holistically about running not as exercise but as a fundamental part of, and opportunity to enhance your overall wellbeing.

  • Blog: Running for Wellbeing - how to make your ‘personal best’ less about numbers and more about being your most authentic, happiest self and living your best life.

Planning your route

If you are starting out, keep your routes simple by planning your routes in a loop or out & back. This way you can measure progress at ‘that’ corner or a particular lamppost.

You can check out what routes members of our community are running in our University of Bristol Strava Club or by joining the conversation in our Run Series Facebook group.

Injury prevention

Advice approved by our in-house specialists on how to prevent and treat injuries.

'Mobility Monday' and 'Strength and Core' were classes led by our Sports Medicine Clinic Physiotherapist, Henry. Classes were streamed live in the weeks leading up to the 5k in March. All eight classes are now available to watch on-demand via the University of Bristol Sport App. We will notify all runners when more live sessions become available! 

Warm-ups and cool-downs

Guidance from our Health and Fitness Team about effective warm-ups and cool-downs for your running sessions.


Tips on when and what to eat to best fuel your training.

Psychology and mindset

Advice from our Sport Psychologist, Connor Grant, on topics such as motivation and goal setting during your training.

Download our app

You can access the Run Series support hub, as well as a full schedule of live and pre-recorded classes and more, on our University of Bristol Sport app.

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