Information Asset Register

Information Asset Register

In order to ensure that the University can comply with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and to assist with the better management of all information assets across the University, we have produced an Information Asset Register (IAR) covering all Professional Services Divisions, Faculties and Schools.

This is a list of all of the personal data that each School, Faculty and Division holds, as well as any important stores of non-personal data. It contains information about where and how the information assets are stored, what type of information they contain, who is responsible for them, some of the measures in place to protect them, and other information that assists in ensuring that all information held is managed appropriately.

Why do we need an IAR?

By creating an IAR, the University can:

How do we manage our IAR?

Guidance for Information Asset Administrators on how to use Corestream and their responsibilities for managing their assets can be found in the Corestream Information Asset Manager Guidance (PDF, 248kB) document.

If you require access to the register or have any other questions regarding it, please contact the Information Governance Manager via email at

Other information management resources

Alongside the creation of the IAR, a Records Retention Schedule was also produced. It details how long different categories of records should be retained for, based on the information assets that have been discovered. This is now published and available to staff. It sits alogside a Records Management and Retention Policy.