Research impact - making a difference

Our research is not just confined to the University. Our researchers work with partners – businesses, government, charities and others – to make real differences in the world, nationally and internationally.

The work of researchers in the Faculty of Science has included;

  • Monitoring airborne pollutants and pinpointing their source, leading to significant reductions and emissions
  • Modelling volcanic activity, enabling governments and communities to prepare for and respond to volcanic emergencies, and make decisions on airspace restrictions due to ash clouds
  • Mapping environmental radioactivity around the sites of nuclear reactor disasters, enabling the safe return of evacuated citizens
  • Inventing new methods to identify organic substances in ancient pottery vessels, thus providing new insights into how our ancestors lived
  • Developing an eco-friendly artificial snow that has been used in blockbuster films and major festivals.

 This video shows a few examples of our researchers’ impact beyond the University.

Science Partnership Office

Bristol’s Science Partnership Office supports and promotes long-term partnerships between scientists, industry, government and the community. We help researchers find and develop mutually beneficial partnerships to meet their research aims. Visit our webpage to find out more.

The PERFORM study; investigating the spread of COVID-19 through aerosol droplets

How Bristol research has informed safety guidance for hospitals and the public

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