Bristol Population Health Science Institute

Engaging populations to improve health

A multi-disciplinary approach to studying the health of populations, spanning molecules to communities

Bristol Population Health Science Institute is a new centre that builds on Bristol's internationally-leading reputation for research in the determinants and consequences of ill-health.

Our research ranges from basic discovery science in molecular and genetic epidemiology to innovative clinical trials and policy-influencing and assessment activities. Our multi-disciplinary community spans across several schools and faculties within the University and tackles a wide range of questions about health and health care.

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Academic lead

Dr Ellen Brooks Pollock

Areas of population health science research

  • Epidemiology
  • Genetic and epigenetic epidemiology
  • Causal inference and mechanisms
  • Evidence synthesis
  • Health services research and trials
  • Research methods
  • Primary care, public health and mental health
  • Laboratories and cohorts
  • Health, law, and society 
  • Child health
  • Public health ethics

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