Human Tissue Act: Designated Individuals

The University currently holds five licences to cover its activities under the Human Tissue Act, all of which operate on the authority of the university corporate licence holder.

Each licence also has a Designated Individual (DI) who has a set of specific legal responsibilities for compliance with the Human Tissue Act on their licenced premises. A DI must have hands-on understanding and authority over the licenced site(s) in question.

There is the option to name Persons Designated who will assume some of the responsibilities of the DI (for example at satellite buildings).

The following table summarises the licences that are currently held and the DI associated with each licence.

Designated Individuals for University HTA licences
Designated IndividualArea
Dr M Davies Bristol Dental School and Hospital
Ms K Sparey School of Anatomy
Dr L Palmer South West Dementia Brain Bank
Dr W Kafienah Biomedical Sciences Building
Dr S Ring Oakfield House (including Langford satellite)