Funding for a project

Research funding originates mainly from Research Councils, but other sources of funding are charities and trusts; industry; and national and international initiatives to name a few. More information is available on the funders webpage.

The main modes of application for funding are:

  • Responsive mode (bottom-up funding): Researchers can submit proposals that contain original research ideas to unspecific calls; proposals need to be within the remit of the funding organisation objectives and mission.
  • Managed mode (Top-down funding, call for proposals, initiatives): This funding is available in response to an emerging scientific opportunity where there is a need to enhance research activity to stimulate a particular area of science.
  • Programmes: Where an overarching theme is addressed by the undertaking of a set of inter-linked sub-projects, each of distinctive character.
  • Tender: This funding will pay for research activities that will provide specific services to the contractor.
  • Sandpits:A sandpit is an intensive, interactive and free-thinking event, where a diverse group of scientists from a range of disciplines get together to be involved in a collaborative thinking process in a creative environment to uncover innovative solutions and prepare research proposals. Outcomes of sandpits range from a single large research project to several smaller projects, feasibility studies, networking activities, overseas visits and so on. The outcomes are not pre-determined but are defined during the sandpit. Usually, interested parties need to apply to attend to these events and the funding body organising the event has a pre-set budget that will be awarded at the end of the meeting.


Other useful information