Research Contracts Team

What do we do?

The Research Contracts Team negotiate contracts and other agreements for research undertaken by the University's academic staff.


Good contracts ensure that work programmes and the price charged are clear, and that any risks are acceptably balanced by the benefits to the University.  Such benefits include:


We work with academics and funders to help build good relationships, to maximise income and resource, and to set up contract terms.  The terms provide clear guidance on the conduct of the project, serve to head-off potential problems, and resolve real ones.

Working with other Professional Services as required, we steer negotiations through to completion of an acceptable commercial arrangement, and make recommendations to Finance Services for final signature.

How can we help you?

The University handles a huge range of different contract types, and not all of these fall under the Research Contracts Team's remit - please see the Contracts Route Finder to identify whether your query should be directed to another team, and the Guide to setting up activities with partners for more information on setting up arrangements with partners.


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