Best practice examples of engaged research

Case studies of some of the fantastic public engagement projects we have supported, delivered by researchers and external partners.

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Conversations on Climate

Equitable dialogue inspires artists to create thought-provoking works interpreting the latest environmental research

Themes: Societal Impact; Creative Engagement; Community Connections

Faculty: Cross-disciplinary

Science Engineering Social Science

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A Prescription for Performance

A powerful co-produced performance piece reveals doctors’ struggles, and increases audiences’ understanding & awareness

Themes: Co-production; Artistic Collaboration; Cultural Impact

Faculty: Health Sciences

Show all;Responsible Research;Creative Engagement;Societal Impact;

Stories brought to Life

A storytelling game inspired by research engages children and families and develops a new arts community collaboration model

Themes: Innovation; Co-production; Novel Engagement

Faculty: Arts

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Comic Quantum Connections

A collaborative graphic novel illustrates complex concepts and sparks conversations about quantum futures

Themes: Artistic Collaboration; Creative Engagement; Community Connections

Faculty: Engineering

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From Small Seeds

Early engagement with patients in health research (enabled by a small seed fund) informs and improves grant applications, by incorporating expertise from the population most impacted by future research

Themes: Improving Funding Bids; Experience Informing Research; Patient and Public Involvement (PPI)

Faculty: Health Sciences

Show all;Skills Development;Informing Research;Community Connections;

Thinking Science

Co-producing curriculum-linked resources builds partnerships, improves science education and makes lasting impact in schools.

Themes: Co-production; Long-term Impact; Schools Engagement

Faculty: Arts

Show all;Responsible Research;Societal Impact;Community Connections;

Talking and Thinking

Dialogue with creative practitioners is a unique opportunity to reflect deeply about research ethics, impact and responsibility.

Themes: Ethics and Reflexivity; Artistic Collaboration; Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI)

Faculty: Life Sciences

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The Robots are Swarming

PhD research is enhanced by engagement, which enriches thesis and is the basis for peer-reviewed publications.

Themes: Informed Research; Creative Engagement; Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI)

Faculty: Engineering

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Festival Fun for All

Festivals offer a first step to engagement, new ways to connect with audiences and opportunities to try out innovative ideas.

Themes: Developing Skills; Promoting Research; Audience Connections

Faculty: Cross-disciplinary

Science Engineering Arts Life Sciences Health Sciences Social Sciences

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Maths made Art

Art collaborations open up complex mathematical research to diverse audiences, reveal cultural value and societal relevance.

Themes: Cultural Impact; Creative Engagement; Equitable Partnerships

Faculty: Science

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Locked in a Room

Spending time locked in a room with a community group is an unusual, but rewarding, introduction to each other.

Themes: Community Connections; Novel Engagement; Building Trust

Faculty: Health Sciences

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Walk and Talk

A walk in the woods builds mutual trust, provides research insights, and leads to a successful funding application.

Themes: Community Connections; Lasting Relationships; Improving Research

Faculty: Social Sciences and Law

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