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Eczema is a chronic inflammatory skin condition characterised by red, itchy skin lesions. Trials comparing treatments for eczema are needed in order to find the best and safest options.

HOME (Harmonising Outcome Measures for Eczema) is an international collaboration to agree a core set of outcomes to be reported in all eczema trials. This will enable better comparison between trials and therefore better comparisons between treatments to determine effectiveness. Long-term control is one of four key domains recommended to be measured in all trials of treatment for eczema.

A team at the University of Nottingham have developed RECAP, a patient-reported outcome measure of eczema control. In this project, we will further investigate the validity and reliability of RECAP. This work will inform decision making at the next HOME consensus meeting (HOME VII) in Japan in 2019.

Project details

The study is recruiting adults with eczema and parents of children with eczema to complete an initial questionnaire and a follow-up questionnaire two weeks later. The initial survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete, and the follow-up survey five minutes. Patients with eczema will be recruited through dermatology clinics in the West of England and through social media.

Project team

  • Dr Matthew Ridd
  • Alisha Bhanot
  • Professor Tim Peters

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