The MRC ConDuCT Hub for Trials Methodology Research

Welcome to ConDuCT

ConDuCT stands for Collaboration and innovation in Difficult and Complex randomised controlled Trials and was part of the MRC's Network of Hubs for Trials Methodology Research

The Hub had four main themes:

Theme 1: Prioritisation and Trial Design for Cost-effectiveness Analysis

Theme 2: Integrative and dynamic research methods to optimise recruitment to RCTs

Theme 3: Improving feasibility study designs and trial conduct to enhance trial quality and results

Theme 4: Outcomes in RCTs - assessment, reporting and integration in decision-making

The Hub was open between 2009 and 2019. It aimed to develop a world class centre of excellence for high-quality, cutting-edge methodological research of relevance to pragmatic RCTs in general, but with a particular focus on the needs of RCTs in surgery. Though conduct has finished, you can find out more about the new MRC Trials Methodology Research Partnership here

You can also find out more about the Centre for Surgical Research's current activities here.

Our research is methodological and scientists collaborate on projects that span all aspects of trial prioritisation, design and conduct with opportunities for application in trials of surgery and other complex healthcare interventions.

Professor Jane Blazeby, Director, ConDuCT-II

Final ConDuCT-II Hub report

CONDUCT-II Final Report (PDF, 1,290kB)

Training and capacity building

For a list of PhD and MD students click here


Bristol Centre for Surgical Research
Population Health Sciences
Bristol Medical School
Canynge Hall 39 Whatley Road
United Kingdom


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