Department for Education Family and Friends Care Statutory Guidance Revision

This consultation sought views on revisions made to include asylum-seeking children being brought to the UK under the Dublin III Regulation to join family or relatives.

 Dr Devyani Prabhat and Ann Singleton provided evidence concerning the situation of non-British unaccompanied migrant young people aged 18–21 who are unable to live with their parents or near relations.

Background to the inquiry

Why We Are Consulting

Asylum seeking children coming to live in the UK can be some of the most vulnerable in the country. The revisions are intended to provide clarity and support to local authorities in fulfilling their role where children are being brought to the UK under the Dublin III Regulation to live with family or relatives. This consultation seeks views on whether the revised guidance provides sufficient advice to local authorities in England engaging in these cases. We would like to know:

  1. Is there anything in the revised guidance that should be amended?
  2. Is there anything further that should be added to the revised guidance?
  3. Do you have any suggestions for further links or resources that could be included?

Full information can be found on the consultation page :

Response to the Inquiry

The following guidance and recommendations were submitted by Prabhat and Singleton in response to the inquiry call for evidence:

Prabhat and Singleton response (PDF, 11kB)

Further information

Further updates to the guidance are published on the consultation page

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