Theoretical Physics

Theoretical Physics underpins much of the School's research. Our work encompasses diverse problems, from understanding fundamental features of quantum mechanics to unravelling many-body, topological and statistical effects in both quantum and classical regimes within solids, complex liquids and optics. We have considerable expertise in devising applications of emerging quantum technologies, using high-performance computing and modelling quantum materials and soft matter. We specialise in the following six research areas:

Scientific high performance computing

Geometrical aspects of propagating waves

Nature of the interactions between particles

Theme Lead

Dr Stephen Clark

World class research

Our outstanding record of world-class research in theoretical physics includes the discoveries of the Aharonov-Bohm effect and the Berry phase as well as contributing major insights into non-locality and entanglement. 

Postgraduate opportunities

We are happy to consider applications for both PhD and for self-funded MSc by research applicants all year round, find out more here.


Members of the theme contribute to teaching within the School at all levels, from first year undergraduate to advanced postgraduate courses.

About the theme

The theme has a lively and exciting scientific culture, including frequent highly distinguished international visitors, numerous postdoctoral researchers and postgraduate students and an active programme of seminars and departmental colloquia.
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