Particle Physics

Particle Physics is all about understanding the fundamental building blocks of matter and how they interact with each other. To do this, modern particle physicists build large experiments where the results of high-energy collisions between particles are studied.

CMS Higgs Candidate Event

Compact Muon Solenoid Detector

LHCb Bs0 → μ+ μ- Candidate Event

The theme is involved in the CMS and LHCb experiments based at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, which allow us to probe nature at the most fundamental level we can reach. We're also involved in the DUNE, LZ, Mu3e, and NA62 experiments and are working on research and development projects for future experiments and the application of particle physics tecnhology to other fields. We specialise in the following three areas of research:

About the theme

  • one of the oldest in the UK
  • has around 50 members, including 8 full-time academic staff
  • leads several high-profile physics analyses at CMS and LHCb
  • conducts ground-breaking research on new techniques for high-speed data acquisition and processing
  • collaborates with medical, security and other industrial partners
  • runs several public and school outreach projects
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