Events in 2019-20

We hosted a range of events in 2019-20

Conferences and Workshops in 2019-20

Department research seminar

  • Alessandra Tanesini (Cardiff) - Speech Extraction and Epistemic Injustice
  • Bernhard Salow (Oxford) - Sequential Decisions under the Idea of Freedom
  • Catrin Campbell-Moore (Bristol) - Undermining Beliefs and Imprecise Probabilities
  • Donnchadh O'Conaill (Fribourg) - he Argument From Revelation: Metaphilosophical Issues
  • Karim Thebault (Bristol) - On The Limits of Experimental Knowledge
  • Katie Robertson (Birmingham) - Autonomy and Asymmetry in the Special Sciences
  • Lena Zuchowski (Bristol) - What Kind of Models are Deep-Learning Algorithms?
  • Matthew Ratcliffe (York) - The Appropriateness of Grief
  • Paul Noordhof (York) - Are the Senses Fragmented By Science?
  • Pekka Vayrynen (Leeds) - Normative Explanation Unchained
  • Rachel Cooper (Lancaster) - Disorder Revisited
  • Sam Wilkinson (Exeter) - What Are We Doing When We Call Someone Mentally Ill?
  • Tim Fowler (Bristol) - Funding Procreative Technologies: The (Non) Importance of Adoption
  • Joe Saunders (Durham) - What's Wrong with the Master?

Specialised research seminars

Logic (Foundational Studies Bristol group):

  • Gil Sagi (Haifa). Logic and Natural Language: Commitments and Constraints
  • Kenny Easwaran (Texas A&M) - Realism in Mathematics: The Case of the Hyperreals (joint work with Henry Towsner)
  • Damian Szmuc (Buenos Aires) - A Classical Logic of Nonsense 
  • Martin Fischer (Munich) - Hype, Truth and Predicative Analysis
  • Beau Madison Mont (Oxford) - Esoteric quantifiers and expressive power.
  • Sam Roberts (Oslo) - Ultimate V
  • Thomas Schindler (Amsterdam) - Numbers and Numerically Definite Quantifiers
  • Ollie Tatton-Brown - The Logic of Arithmetic
  • Johannes Stern - Belief, Truth, and Ways of Believing 
  • Luca Castaldo - KF, PKF, and Reinhardt's program (Joint work with Johannes Stern)

Philosophy of Physics:

  • Gábor Hofer-Szabó (Hungarian Academy of Sciences) - Contextuality and the Kochen-Specker theorem
  • Tushar Menon (Cambridge)
  • Henrique Gomes (Cambridge) - Gauge-fixing and the empirical significance of symmetries
  • James Fraser (Durham) - Understanding Ultraviolet Divergences
  • Sean Gryb (Groningen) - Explaining time's arrow: how scale symmetry affects notions of typicality in the universe
  • Simon Saunders (Oxford) - Disinterpreting the Everett interpretation: quantum mechanics without probability

Political Theory and Philosophy seminar:

  • Alice Baderin (Reading): Anticipatory Injustice
  • Kerri Woods (Leeds) - Institutional Ignorance and the (Harmful) Construction of LGBTQ Identities in UK Asylum Policy Instructions
  • Gemma Bird (Liverpool) - The ‘badlands’ of the Balkan Route(s): refugee housing and support in urban hubs
  • Gina Schouten (Harvard) - Justice and Legitimacy in Caregiver Support: Managing Tradeoffs between Gender Egalitarian and Economic Egalitarian Social Aims

Formal Epistemology:

  • Leszek WroĊ„ski (Jagiellonian University, Kraków) - Dutch Books, Probabilism and Exploitability
  • Kevin Zollman (CMU) - Wisdom of the crowds and information cascades: modeling the boundary

General Philosophy of Science:

  • Alice Murphy (Leeds) - Thought Experiments and the Value of Surprise

Philosophy of medicine:

  • Jeremy Simon (Columbia) - Is it true that the valiant never taste of death but once?: A pluralistic approach to time of death

Regular reading groups 

Women in Philosophy sessions

Informal discussion meetings with visiting philosophers to discuss anything surrounding the topic of women in philosophy.

  • Catrin Campbell-Moore (Bristol)
  • Katie Robertson (Birmingham)
  • Lena Zuchowski (Bristol)
  • Rachel Cooper (Lancaster)

Our PGR students also organised a Women in Philosophy PGR Conference as a celebration of International Womens Day. 

Public events

  • Catch Your Breath exhibition.
  • A seires of classes open to all adults "Thinking Philosophically".
  • Public Lecture and Panel Discussion: Why Precision Medicine is not Very Precise (and why this should not surprise us)
  • Book discussion in Waterstones on "Materialism A Historical and Philosophical Inquiry"
  • Staff-student discussion event open to the public on "Einstein, Bohr and the Quantum Heresy"

Work in Progress seminars

Alexander Bird at MetaScience kick-off 2018
Alexander Bird at the Metascience Kick-off workshop
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