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Outstanding students celebrated at glitzy event

Student Ayush Jeetender Chhajed smiles at the PLUS Award celebration

The event was held at Bristol Beacon

PLUS Award achiever Katie Mabberley talks to the crowd

Press release issued: 2 May 2024

Inspiring students were given the star treatment at a glitzy event celebrating their Outstanding achievements.

Each year more than 1,000 students achieve the PLUS Award, the University of Bristol employability award which is earned through extracurricular activities like community volunteering and part-time work.

PLUS awardees who go above and beyond or make a significant impact on others’ lives can nominate themselves for an Outstanding PLUS Award.

And it was those Outstanding PLUS Award nominees who were celebrated in front of local employers and University staff at Bristol Beacon on Wednesday (May 1).

More than 100 people cheered as this year’s eight Outstanding PLUS Award winners were announced. They included a student who raised £10,000 for charity by running from London to Paris, a student who founded a start-up helping students find like-minded housemates and a student who worked at a charity improving adults and young people’s mental health.

Prof Tansy Jessop, Pro Vice-Chancellor for Education and Students at the University of Bristol, told the crowd that achieving the PLUS Award required “a huge amount of commitment, dedication and wisdom”.

She added: “Bristol PLUS gives you the edge to stand out in the job market, knowing confidently who you are, what strengths you have and what soft skills you have.

“So well done, it’s fantastic that you’ve had the energy and zest to get on with it. It will serve you well.”

Many PLUS awardees make valuable contributions to the Bristol community, while building the experience and skills that employers want.

Psychology student and PLUS Award achiever, Katie Mabberley told the crowd: “I truly feel that I developed my employability skills and my interpersonal skills.

“I developed my self-confidence, multitasking and my time management. Completing the PLUS Award helped me feel more part of the University and more connected to the University community.”

The Bristol PLUS Award is run by the University of Bristol Careers Service, which helps students build skills, find the right career and start businesses.

To complete the Award, students must log at least 70 hours of extracurricular activities. They also take part in mentoring, skills courses and other CV-boosting activities.

The eight Outstanding PLUS Award categories were Better World, Change Maker, Civic Superstar, Diverse Partnerships, Everyday Hero, Innovation, Resilience and Wellbeing Champion.

Registration for next year’s Bristol PLUS Award starts in September 2024.

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