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Chemistry student completes awe-inspiring three marathons in three days for charity

Friend Taylor Gough (left) who was injured in a car accident with Felix Martin (right) Felix Martin

Felix during his three day three marathon challenge Felix Martin

23 November 2023

A University of Bristol student who undertook an immense challenge of running three marathons in three consecutive days, despite never running a single marathon before, has raised a staggering £7,500 for charity.

Third year chemistry student, Felix Martin, set out to raise funds and awareness for the Matt Hampson Foundation, which provides specialist rehabilitation for young people seriously injured through sport, and the mental health charity, Movember, after seeing first-hand the extraordinary support they provide.

In 2020, one of Felix’s friends was involved in a car accident and suffered a devastating spinal injury. After seeing the enormous progress his friend made thanks to the support of the Matt Hampson Foundation, Felix decided he wanted to help raise awareness and funds for the charity.

Then, earlier this year, Felix lost a friend who he had played rugby with, so decided to run to also raise funds for Movember, which supports men's health issues including mental health. 

Felix said: “I have always played rugby, but am not a runner. At the start of the year, I set a goal that I wanted to run a marathon for charity in support of the Matt Hampson Foundation. But then I decided to do something even more challenging: to run three marathons on three consecutive days, to try to raise even more awareness and funds, including for Movember.

“I developed a proper training plan around six months ago, running on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. I was doing three to four runs and averaging about 70km per week near the end of training, with my biggest week (except race week) being just over 100km in total. The three days where I completed the marathons were the first three marathons that I had ever ran!

“The support I have received throughout the process has been amazing, I am very thankful and I have loved every minute of it. It will be something that I will always remember. I'd like to thank everyone who has shown support and donated to my page on Givestar.”

Felix completed all three marathons, running 26.2 miles on Monday 13, Tuesday 14 and Wednesday 15 November. For the first marathon Felix ran a route from Loughborough to the Matt Hampson Foundation. The second and third marathons were completed in Bristol.

To donate, visit Felix’s GiveStar page.

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